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Dev Roadmap

Mon Jun 20, 2016 1:48 am

Apart from bug fixing and optimizing, there are still many things that still needs to be implemented. Here is a non-exhaustive list:
  • Cooldown on revolts. (done)
  • Global talents need to be done and balanced.
  • The imperial city type is almost ready but needs to be finished.
  • Notifications need to be introduced (especially for war declarations). (done)
  • Ranking list of all players in a map. (done)
  • More details in the combat screen about time remaining (approximate) and a way to access the results of finished combat. (done)
  • A log of events to make you aware of what happened to your realm while you were offline. (done)
  • The login protocol now use GooglePlay and GameCenter only. I'd like more options (incuding facebook).
  • A way to retreat for armies while in combat (obviously with some penalties).
  • Music! (done)

Feel free to comment!

I'd also like to ear about your ideas but post them in their separate threads. I promise that I'll read them and try to comment on them! :D

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