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Vassal / Liege system

Mon Jul 25, 2016 11:20 pm

I like the Vassal and Liege system, except for one thing. When you conquered a city and the player becomes your vassal. He/She can simply declare War on you, and isn't your Vassal anymore. You basically take the effort to make an army, travel to the destination and probably having to take over some unwanted territories in the process ( EP going down the drain) , battle your enemy... You win, the other player becomes your vassal, and then with only one click, he declares war on you, and isn't your vassal anymore. You end up gaining nothing ,and you were punished for making an effort. The other player has nothing to lose, not even a single unit since he can just transfer them to its general and go away, and come back afterward.

Solution : If the Vassal declares war on his Liege, he stays as a Vassal until he conquers the Liege himself.

Any thoughts on that ? Or is it just me.

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Re: Vassal / Liege system

Tue Jul 26, 2016 2:15 pm

This is really true, and something will have to change.

At this point I'm thinking about adding a few actions on a long cooldown. I would make the revolt process one of them. So, basically, the revolt button would be available only after a to-be-decided-and-balanced number of days.

However, your idea about conquering the liege to be free is also definitely not a bad idea. However, there could be a few problems with this. Example: the vassal would have to be able to reach the liege's capital to actually conquer it. He has the rights of way on his liege, but maybe not on his own co-vassals. He would not be able to cross their capitals if they are hostile, as conquering it is only possible when at war with their liege (the player from which you would be stealing a vassal).
Also, the Feudal Feud favors the defense (the troops are created directly in the capital while the attacker got to send them on a long trek). Hence, it would make revolting a possibility only for vassals who are significantly more powerful than their liege.

Another idea I'm toying with, close to what you are suggesting, could be the freeing of all the vassals of a player when his capital is conquered.

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Re: Vassal / Liege system

Wed Jul 27, 2016 2:17 am

Cool !

About your point of a Vassal that needs to be a bit stronger than its Liege in order to have a chance to win... What if the Vassal try to convince someone ( like a co-Vassal, or the Liege's current rival ) to ally with him and take over the liege on a 2v1 ? It could give a nice emphasis on the importance of communication and... manipulation perhaps? ;P

But your idea on free-ing of all the vassals of a player when his capital is conquered also puts an emphasis on communication as well.

Looking forward to this.

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Re: Vassal / Liege system

Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:03 pm

That is interesting, vassals cooperating, but not knowing if one member will tell the liege.

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