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Question: Who wins, when, how and based on what ?

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 6:05 am
by Arocksum
Hello Feudal Seigneurs,

During some game times today, I asked to myself : "Who is/will be the winner of that game ?". That's a game after all...some may expected to win :P
I'm actually a vassal of a seigneur (surely older than me) in ours realm, and I was wondering : "Ok, he is, surely better than me...with his army. For now...until his death... But after ? When I will take his place, could I be consider better than him ? As a person ? As a seigneur ? In History ?" ... Finally, I transformed the first question into "How could be THE seigneur that everyone remembers at the end ? Even after my death ? Could be the 'winner" the one that will stay in the memories of the world... ?"

After that, a lot of ideas of how to implement a such system come to my mind... I could write some of them but first, i would like to know if any ways to rank the players/find a winner was planned ? (with the actual constraint that we die before the 'end of the game').

Thanks for reading,


Re: Question: Who wins, when, how and based on what ?

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 3:31 pm
by Gabriel
In terms of gameplay, the higher your influence was in a game the more you will be rewarded at your death. Your peak of influence will be the main number here. You will receive XP and be able to unlock perks according to this.
I'm also thinking of ways to remember the players who were really successful after their death.

Also, reaching a really high influence (TBD but higher than the requirements for Rank 5) will give you, at your death, a token to play an imperial city on your next game.
This city will have a unique look for both the city and it's armies. There will also be a bonus to this city: at this point I'm inclined toward giving the imperial player the ability to buff another player. Not making him more powerful but giving him an edge when negociating alliances. Imperial players may also have different objectives (their peak influence not being the only thing rewarded at their death).
Finally, if Feudal Feud achieve some success, I'd like to be able to introduce even more city types.

Re: Question: Who wins, when, how and based on what ?

Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 5:06 pm
by Arocksum
Thanks for the answer!

Is the "Influence" mechanism already working/in the game ? And if yes, could I know the sort of things that can influence it (the influence :P) ?

I was thinking at these kinds of "influence" when I said that I brainstorm myself about ranking. Influence Graph between players and this graph could motivate/inform/push/... players to act in the certain way that they could become more evil or not.

Concerning the "remember" thing, why not put somewhere... in the UI (history rank tab?) or in the map ? like a "big stone/tomb" -- with the name of the different great seigneurs of a period of time, ranked -- that new players could visit to know the names of the seigneurs before them. Also, when I seigneur died, he could be to write a little message to future generations ? Like a signature. It would be cool if theses stones could be saved somewhere on internet -- website linked to Feudal Feud of course -- and keep the information to make a global ranking of all the seigneurs of Feudal Feud (with their period of life, like : "Louis X was the second best seigneur in the History of the Game 259, between the 36th day and the 53th day of his life").

What do you think ? :D

Thanks for reading.


Re: Question: Who wins, when, how and based on what ?

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:23 pm
by Gabriel
Good food for thoughts.
I'm thinking about a post-death signature of some sort.
On the longer term, I would definitely like to have something on the website talking about a specific life in a share-able format.

In Feudal Feud, the influence refers only to the addition of all the nodes you control (including those of your vassals). Also, an incoming UI panel will show a ranking of the players currently in a game.