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bug: Took others's territories (under war state) without attacking and IDEAS

Tue Sep 13, 2016 10:06 pm

Hello Feudal Seigneurs,

First, I need to precise that I didn't really understand how others's territories permissions works (despite my first death this morning... :cry: ). I understood that we can not cross others's territories...under "normal" state. Into "Peace/Payement" state, we can... but can we under "War" state ? One moment, I thought that yes...we could...but finally ?

Could we just declare war to others to access to their city, passing though theirs territories ? [Could be done without noticing the owners if there is no army on the field.]
Do we fight against theirs soldiers on theirs territories ? Is it automatic ? [Could be a CHOICE, with consequences]
Do we TAKE theirs territories ? Is it automatic ? [Need to be a CHOICE]

My last experiences showed me that my army passed through theirs territories, fighting and taking territories...automatically (under war state). But why do we need to take territories ? With the actual system of "punishing the territory acquisitions", I took 5 more territories without noticing (!) without letting armies on it...and finally, being on Rank 4/5, having EP set to -30 to -40 PER TERRITORIES... which actually just destroy my economic system ... (again :P ). Unfortunately, it was my last attack before dying so this implies not so much damages to my game but it was weird to become so poor when you're the bigger seigneur and the richer :D !

So I will try to explain the bug now...

Let supposes that my ennemy has a territory and just behind, his city. I want to take his city. [other idea: could be possible to attack somebody just to attack him ? not for taking him as a vassal ?]

If I try to attack the city, the game answers to me that I can not. I need to declare war...but I want to be sneaky :P
First, I launched my army to the first territory (that works).
My army arrived, stopped and waited. I'm in a middle of a territory of my enemy. I declared war (I would like to continue my road...)
At this moment, the game lets me to be in war state... BUT when I asked to my army to continue, the game said (and I don't remember exactly the sentence) "No, you need to start from outside the territory". (Is it right ?)

(and now is when the bug appears) Then I launched my army to the previous territory (without owner) and 2 seconds latter, I relaunched my army against the city...and that works ! My army took the road to the city of my enemy, without warning... BUT during the process, i took the territory (without clicking on attacking or nothing else).

Maybe is just the normal system (passing though ennemy's territories and taking its) but the fact that the game sends multiples (black debug ?) messages was weird in this situation (and finally took the territory without noticing) and awared me. So that is.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for my bad english in this post (I think)... I tried to write quickly :P If you have any questions, don't hesitate. I could try to be clearer !


PS: an image where I took 2 territories without noticing, during transition NORMAL/WAR states. ... sp=sharing

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Re: bug: Took others's territories (under war state) without attacking and IDEAS

Wed Sep 14, 2016 1:10 pm

I hope you liked your first Feudal Feud game!

What you described, apart from the incorrect debug message and the army behaviour at that moment (that's a bug), is actually how things works right now. You can cross other player's territories only if you have a RoW, alliance or vassal/liege relation with them. At war, territories are attacked and taken on the path of your army. So if you let troops defend a chokepoint, you can be sure they'll defend it. Also automatically taking territory on your path serve the purpose of slowing too fast expending lords while helping in the defence against powerful, fast expending and far away lords.

I agree that the fact that territories are taken on the path of an attacking army is wrong with the current system (which punish players with no troops on their territories). Armies should be stopped at every conquest in the current system but, as you noticed, lots of things are not final yet and before adjusting army behaviours, I wanted to see how I liked (or not) the current EP generation system. And I do not like it very much.

I think I'll go along a more traditional path for territories and economy: giving the player the ability to upgrade it manually. Upgrades which could be paid for by using both resources and a small amount of troops. It would give players a much smoother learning curve than what you experienced... I'm just not sure of how to handle the territory changing hands in this system. I think I'll have no choice but to reset the territory on conquest, which could be frustrating if you take it back but is still the best option as retaining part of their value through conquest could lead to many exploit on a persistant map. In this system, growing too much could lead to having a % penalty on your global EP revenue as there is still needs to hamper quick expansion of powerful and far away lords.

Hopefully I've answer all your questions. Tell me if I missed something!

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